Comfort Socks Newsletter - October 2013

            New Socks for Homeless Shelters 

5 Years of Service - Happy Birthday Comfort Socks 

What a great birthday present this is for Comfort Socks! Thanks to CS supporters, we are now one of the first winners of a 2013 Top-Rated Award from GreatNonprofits! Read our great reviews and add your story!

Since we've been talking Birthday talk - and 5 years and close to 50,000 pairs later - Comfort Socks is proud of the work we have done so far - Thank you, Comfort Socks family!

In honor of Alvin Burlingame's 80th birthday - a generous donation was made from his sister-in-law - A Big Thank you, Judith - for using Al's birthday as a way to bless others!
 Comfort the Feet, Comfort the Soul.

Connect With Us!

Comfort Socks is now a Google+ partner - if you are a gmail user - please connect to our circle here.

Facebookers - Come on a LIKE our Page - Let's get our LIKE count up, up, up, please.

We Need Your Time & Talents - Comfort Socks is actively seeking those who would like to help steer our media releases and publicize our work - In other words - It's Committee Time! Contact Theresa at or (910) 269-8577.

Partner News!

Mitscoots and Comfort Socks - All Wrapped Up Together and serving comfortable socks to the homeless. Mitscoots is so in line with our mind and heart. We are proud to be affiliated with Mitscoots. Our first monthly shipment arrived!

DJ Maj is in the House- Yes, that's right - DJMaj - tour partner with Toby Mac - has been touched by the Comfort Socks mission. For a limited time - make a donation to Comfort Socks and receive a FREE DJ Maj download of his new release. Thank Maj - for your love and energy!

We're at it Again!

Smiles because of the warm, durable socks we received from Joanne LaRocco of NY - Although my hands feel the softness of them, my eyes see the heart of behind them. It only takes a simple thing like this to bless someone so much - Thank you, Joanne, for remembering us.

Many Thanks - GFWC-SBI for remembering Comfort Socks. Your commitment to community is remarkable -

Thank You - ELKS Ladies Auxiliary - for pulling through again - 115 people will be warmed - but can't put a price on the warmth put in their spirits :)

Socks went out Indiana several places in NC - Yay Comfort Socks warming feet everywhere.

A Word from Our Founder

My heart breaks everytime I think of it - someone cold and alone, living on the streets, afraid at night, not always able to find help. To most of us, we don't give a second thought about socks. But to one who is on their feet all day, having to be ready to move on at all times, their worn socks reflect the weariness of their spirit. Every step is a painful reminder of their condition. So we thought, if we could do this one simple thing, just give them warmth, and a break from their pain, surely they would know a peace of some kind.

Comfort Socks has recently been given special pricing on warm and comfortable socks perfect for their mission. For about $1.00, a person on the street can receive 2 pairs of comfort and love. Won't you join me in sharing with someone this simple, but so important act of kindness and love?

Your support of Comfort Socks has allowed us to receive 46,442 pairs of socks so far.  We are so grateful to all our supporters. First: We wish Comfort and Compassion are known by our actions and to all sock recipients.  Second: We pray for Blessings for our supporters, sock recipients, and those without a home. Third: Please stay mindful of us and remember us monthly, if you can.

Do you own real estate may wish to donate to us? Now might be a  BEST time to consider the tax benefits of donating property to a non-profit like Comfort Socks. If you have a piece of property that you are unable to sell or lease, a donation of that real estate to Comfort Socks would be of interest to us and may be of great benefit to you. Please contact me so we can discuss these opportunities. 


Comfort Socks is a 501(c)3 public charity that collects and distributes new socks for homeless
people and families. All contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.