Comfort Socks Newsletter - April 2015

New Socks for Homeless Shelters 

Comfort the Feet, Comfort the Soul 


Your City Sports and Comfort Socks are thrilled to announce the shipment of 3525 pairs of socks to 13 homeless shelters around the USA this week! This great achievement was made possible because of Cloud 9 Sport's dedication to YCS and PGCbasketball's order of 3525 pairs of Custom socks for their basketball camps around the nation. That means 3525 homeless people will receive a pair of new, soft, warm socks!  

We celebrate team work, kindred hearts, and 3,525 feet that will now be comforted. Communicating and shipping to 13 homeless shelters has kept us busy but oh so happy and fulfilled. 
Comfort the Feet, Comfort the Soul!

There's alot of Sock Love Floating Around... 

Please read and share all about Comfort Socks on ( -  Not just one, but two articles this month. is known as the 'gateway to doing good" to the world. We're jumping in our socks right now!

There's just something about socks that makes a smile happen. We are joyful the Nashville Rescue Mission shared these pictures with us - it's good to see the fruits of our hard work.

Thanks to efforts by the American Legion # 543 of St James and Comfort Socks supporters, we have made good on our promise to give over 300 pairs of socks for the the May 8, 2015 Veteran Stand-Down.
A standdown is a special event given once a year for our Veterans who are street homeless. For the entire day there are meals, haircuts, clothing, medical care, identification help, and our favorite the “foot station”. Guests leave with a backpack full of great things, sock being purposely placed as one of the first item to be seen when the bag is opened. We love to see their faces light up!! The Standdown event is organized by the New Hanover County Veterans Council - 2722 Carolina Beach Road - Wilmington, NC

Special thanks this month to St. Philip's Episcopal Church and Mrs. Rose DaHill – Rose brought our mission to her church who really got with our passion to pray over the socks. Mother Betty, St Phillips interim rector, was busy blessing almost 400 pairs of socks. Now that’s a whole lotta healing power being released. Thank you, St Philips, for filling our plate with so many good things.

We here at Comfort Socks love coffee, we take ours with a little extra sugar and cream. Extra sweet is how we felt when we received this picture of Diana and Pastor Geoff unloading the boxes of socks we sent to a coffee house for the homeless. Just love all the creative ways people are moved to care for the broken feet of the homeless.

YAY - VFW – Post 7288 – Calabash Mens Auxilary has committed to doing quarterly sock drives for us. There first sock drive brought us 101 pairs of sock love to share. YAY!

How can we show our friends at Angelos Pizzeria & Bistro how much appreciation their commitment to community? Did you know that Angelo's hosts 'Give back Nights' and monthly 'Wine Dinners' to support local charities? Thank You Angelo's and James Lane for hosting a Comfort Socks give back night on March 9th. We appreciate all you do and all you are. Comfort the Feet, Comfort the Soul

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You've all heard of Prayer Partners? Well Comfort Socks appreciates our SHARE Partners. Those who earntestly share our posts. Happy Anniversary - Christina Clark-Tietjen  - 13 months in a rowWe appreciate you, Christina - 

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Please prayerfully consider a monthly giving amount. Know that we are sincerely grateful for your attentiveness to the needs of others, and are honored you have chosen Comfort Socks as a way to express your desire to help.

First: We wish Comfort and Compassion are known by our actions and to all sock recipients.  Second: We pray for Blessings for our supporters, sock recipients, and those without a home. Third: Please stay mindful of us and remember us monthly, if you can.


Comfort Socks is a 501(c)3 public charity that collects and distributes
new socks to homeless shelters. All contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.