Comfort Socks Newsletter - May 2015

New Socks for Homeless Shelters 

Comfort the Feet, Comfort the Soul 

Artist Lee Jeffries has captured a moment that will speak to you, if you let it. This picture moves me to understand that this person is walking through the most difficult time in their life. We, as caring people, must respond to the desparation of their circumstance. It's not about their choices, it's about ours. Please let this moment be a moment of hope in your own life. Let's move together and start right here, with an answer to a prayer, and by providing this one simple, warm, but powerful thing. Join us as we Comfort the Feet, Comfort the Soul.

A Place to Keep the Comfort...
Comfort socks is enlarging it's tents! We have been offered incredible pricing on an ideal place to store our socks, and we have accepted this challenge in faith. For to give the loving touch of comfort to a broken person is a precious and powerful thing, so we are seizing the opportunity. Please join in our enthusiasm. You can touch a life by offering a fresh, new covering of love with a monthly gift in any amount. Even $5.00 speaks so much to us. Who's going to be the first to help us hang a shingle on our door? We're counting on you.

Our Wonderful Partnership. You’ve heard the term ‘stepping up to the plate, well Comfort Socks and Your City Sports have really done it this time. With the help of custom sock purchases by Cloud 9 Sports for the 2015 PGC Summer Camps, the Comfort Socks and Your City Sports partnership was able to send 3300 pairs of socks to Comfort Socks homeless shelters and non-profits.

WOW – we are kicking up our feet up about that one.
The homeless shelters and non-profits chosen have been long standing Comfort Sock recipients. They are an amazing source of hope to the homeless all across the USA, and so it is our great honor and privilege to bless them once again.

Stand Up 4 Kids – Chicago, IL
Stand Up 4 Kids – Seattle, WA
Stand Up 4 Kids – Worcester, MA
Hope Mill, Encino, CA
Joy Junction, Albuquerque, NM
Church of the Common Ground, Atlanta - GA
Austin Street Center – Dallas, TX
Gubbio Project – San Francisco, CA
Haven of Rest – Akron, OH
Corazon Ministries  - San Antonio, TX
Support Homeless Veterans, Philidelphia, PA
Covenant House, Atlanta, GA

Austin Street Center says…."The best part of the socks is they are so cute and thick great socks!  The clients love them.  You made the difference is people's lives, warm brand new socks are a big deal."

Many Thanks - GFWC-SBI for remembering Comfort Socks along with so many amazing charities and non-profits. We certainly stood in good company during the GFW-SBI Night of Benevolence. Ladies, your commitment to community is remarkable -

Share With Us

You've all heard of Prayer Partners? Well Comfort Socks appreciates our SHARE Partners. Those who earntestly share our posts. Happy Anniversary - Christina Clark-Tietjen  - 14 months in a row. We appreciate you, Christina - 

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Did you know that only charges .97 shipping on a package of socks? and they know our address. So why not click on the link below, go to lists at the top, find a list, first name is: comfort, last name is: socks, state is: North Carolina, hit the find button (twice) and order away. Thank you so so much

Please prayerfully consider a monthly giving amount. Know that we are sincerely grateful for your attentiveness to the needs of others, and are honored you have chosen Comfort Socks as a way to express your desire to help. Now that we have rent, your committment, no matter how small, makes a difference to us. 

First: We wish Comfort and Compassion are known by our actions and to all sock recipients.  Second: We pray for Blessings for our supporters, sock recipients, and those without a home. Third: Please stay mindful of us and remember us monthly, if you can.


Comfort Socks is a 501(c)3 public charity that collects and distributes
new socks to homeless shelters. All contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.