Comfort Socks Newsletter - June 2014

    New Socks for Homeless Shelters 

It Only Takes a Minute.....

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Love to shop at AMAZON? Us too - Did you know that Amazon has a program that will help to support Comfort Socks? It's called Amazon Smiles - just use the link below when you plan to shop on Amazon and you get the same great prices and selection, while Amazon makes a small donation to us. How great is that? a few clicks turn into a good thing. Just click and shop here...

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We appreciate your support and want to give you a sock purse as a thank you gift. Just send us your contact info with the box(es) of socks from your sock drive - or - mention 'sock purse' with your monetary donation and we'll send you one. It's a small thing, we know, but our way fo saying thanks.
   Comfort the Feet, Comfort the Soul.

Talk About Honors...

HUGE THANK YOU to ATMC for their generous community grants program.Truly honored to stand with Missy Settlemyre-Wings and 16 fellow ATMC grant recipients. Each non-profit does such amazing work throughout our community.  Comfort Socks and Missy's program "Backpacks of Blessing" will be partnering together later in the year. Lots to do - and great people to do it with!

Featured Sock Recipient

Their name LYNN (Love Your Neighbor Now) kinda says it all. LYNN Ministries answers God's call to be the earthly hands and feet of Jesus Christ by sharing the Gospel and serving those in need with love and compassion. Their focus is on the homeless population in and around Brockton and Foxborough, MA. Provisions they try to provide include: food, non-alcoholic beverages, clothing, bedding, tents, tarps, back packs, personal care items. Socks being on the top of the list - Comfort Socks is proud to be a LYNN Ministries Partner. Check them out at:

Hearts - prepare to be moved!

Featured Friends

We love to connect with people, but it is a special thing to be partnered with a couple who really sacrifice so much for the good of others. It is our great honor (and quite frankly humbles us too) to work with Tim & Christy of God's Garage. The theme of their lives is this...."Growing Together Where Life Happens - the Church has left the Building" Please connect with them and support their ministry if you can. Thank you Tim & Christy for all you do.

Sharing Some Testimonials....

My name is Chris Caddell and I'm with LifeLine Ministries of Northern Kentucky.  I've been acquainted with Theresa and her organization for several years now and I must say it's been such a pleasure and immense blessing for our organization to receive socks for our clients from Comfort Socks.  We have hundreds of clients we serve on a monthly basis that are in dire need of new socks.  Many come in wearing shoes with no socks at all or they own one pair that they never have the luxury of washing or rotating out with another pair.  We've also seen instances where families walk several miles to our location with barefoot children in tow......Just wanted to share as I am a HUGE fan of Comfort Socks.

Step into the world of Mitscoots and Comfort Socks....

Thank you, Mitscoots, for the sock donation. They arrived at LYNN Ministries in MA - putting mucho smiles on many faces!

Schools Out but We're Still In...
We connected with local schools at the end of the year to make sure the kids had enough socks for the summer and when they return in the fall. Attention Teachers - Comfort Socks makes a great community service project during the school year. Also - we are going to try to get our Youth Board of Directors Program going again - so please keep us in mind in the fall. We care about your kids!

Share Partners

You've all heard of Prayer Partners? Well Comfort Socks invites you to be our SHARE Partners. That's right - all you have to do is share our posts - 

Christina Clark-Tietjen -You are amazing - You've done it again - with the most shares this month. THANK YOU !

Comfort Socks Needs Committee Chairs
Do you have a talent you could share with us? To help us grow and touch more lives? We invite you to join our Leadership Team.
 Please email or call Theresa at (910) 269-8577

Right now - Comfort Socks could put some monetary donations to good use. We have some shipping & web hosting costs coming up. Every dollar matters - so please pray to give and perhaps commit to monthly giving. Know that we are sincerely grateful for your attentiveness to the needs of others, and are honored you have chosen Comfort Socks as a way to express your desire to help.

First: We wish Comfort and Compassion are known by our actions and to all sock recipients.  Second: We pray for Blessings for our supporters, sock recipients, and those without a home. Third: Please stay mindful of us and remember us monthly, if you can.


Comfort Socks is a 501(c)3 public charity that collects and distributes new socks for homeless
people and families. All contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.