Comfort Socks Newsletter - July 2014

    New Socks for Homeless Shelters 

We Can Never Really Know.....

A woman tells that a homeless man asks her for money and she offers for him to accompany her so she could buy him a meal. The homeless man runs away and this leaves room for thoughts like "he wanted the money for drink/drugs..." or is it that the man is deeply ashamed that he has few teeth in which to eat?

A woman tells of a homeless woman that comes into her workplace and she (the worker) concludes that the homeless woman must have mental issues, because she is always seen walking around the area covered up with clothes, even in hot, hot weather. But could it be that the woman is ashamed of the scars her body reveals?

Let's please try to simply give from a love filled heart and leave all else on the side of the road. The homeless struggle daily with being invisible, ignored, laughed at, and often have to watch as people scramble to assist a lost animal while they sit aside hungry and ashamed. So what can one do? We believe in the simple covering of socks given in faith and love provide a special comfort. We also acknowledge that a willing ear, a smile, the gift of a meal, money and a prayer go a long way. It's true that some 'take advantage' but have we all not taken advantage of the goodness of God in our lives? Let's just open our hearts to compassion and allow the power of love do the rest. He shows Himself in many colors - and all are beautiful if we would only allow ourselves to see.

   Comfort the Feet, Comfort the Soul.

Featured Sock Recipient

For 71 years Haven of Rest has helped disadvantaged men, women and children through Christ-centered programs and services that are offered to anyone in need, regardless of their beliefs. Individuals who come to the Mission are provided with food, shelter, clothing and many other services. On average, 177 people sleep at the Mission each night, 600 meals are provided every day and clothing is given to 1,400 men, women and children each month. As the winter months quickly approach, clothing becomes even more vital to keep those in need warm during the cold days of an Ohio winter.The Mission has been supported solely by individuals, churches and grants and does not receive government funding of any kind. Through the years God has always been faithful in providing the necessary resources for Haven of Rest Ministries. The Ministry received an excellence certification from the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM) in June 2014. It took two long years to receive this award; the process included a detailed application, an audit and strict inspection before the mission was awarded this high honor. Only 13% of missions associated with AGRM receive such a high honor. Comfort Socks is so attached to this shelter and their amazing work - You are important to us, Haven of Rest!

Featured Friends

North Pines Wholesale Clothing Company
We call - they are there - it's the simple truth.
What ever our needs, they accommodate us - whether by donating socks or allowing us to purchase at very discounted rates, it's all good.

Northpines, you were our friend from the very beginning of our story, and we will never forget that! Thank you for all you do.   877-637-3456

You Danced in Our World....

Comfort Socks partner, United We Dance, did such an excellent job putting their hearts (and feet) on the line last month.  We love your happy smiles, Beatitude House and Sojourner House! Socks also went to amazing shelter Haven of Rest (above) Glad so many enjoyed the blessing of new socks. We rejoice in having been a part of this event. Thank You United We Dance.

Sharing Some Testimonials....

"Comfort Socks has been a tremendous asset to the work we do in Early Bread. The fresh socks are highly prized by our guests and help spread the message of God's love for the least, lost and lonely."

Deacon David Hueholt
Director, Early Bread Ministry
Charismatic Episcopal Church of St Peter the Fisherman, Wilmington, NC

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Christina Clark-Tietjen -You are amazing - You've done it again - 4 months in a row withthe most shares this month. THANK YOU CHRISTINA - WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH

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We appreciate your support and want to give you a sock purse as a thank you gift. Just send us your contact info with the box(es) of socks from your sock drive - or - mention 'sock purse' with your monetary donation and we'll send you one. It's a small thing, we know, but our way of saying thank you.

Every dollar matters - so please pray to give and perhaps commit to monthly giving. Know that we are sincerely grateful for your attentiveness to the needs of others, and are honored you have chosen Comfort Socks as a way to express your desire to help.

First: We wish Comfort and Compassion are known by our actions and to all sock recipients.  Second: We pray for Blessings for our supporters, sock recipients, and those without a home. Third: Please stay mindful of us and remember us monthly, if you can.


Comfort Socks is a 501(c)3 public charity that collects and distributes new socks for homeless
people and families. All contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.