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Name and Logo Use Policy
Comfort Socks is a Registered Trademark ® with the United States Patent and Trademark office. Use of the Comfort Socks name and/or logo is strictly prohibited from being used in any way, on any social media site, or in any manner, without the explicit written permission from Comfort Socks.

The Comfort Socks tagline 'Comfort the Feet, Comfort the Soul' may not be used without our expressed written consent.

The Comfort Socks name or logo may not be used on clothing or on items to be sold.

Once your sock drive and/or event is approved by and registered with Comfort Socks you may use our name and logo on your printed materials in association with that event. Please use a website or social media link to show your support.

Comfort Socks does not permit anyone to copy and use images from our website or social media presence without our explicit written consent

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