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What kind of socks should I send to Comfort Socks?
New Mens Crew Length or Tube Length, cotton or a mostly cotton blend.

Does the color of the socks matter?
We will accept all colors, but white is preferred.

Why not low cuts?
Low cuts do not provide the best protection from the weather and insects. We want the homeless to receive the best socks possible.

Is there a time of year when the demand is less?
No, socks are needed all year long.

If I want to do a sock drive, should I let Comfort Socks know?
Yes, please.

Do you have a brochure that I can show others?
Yes, Download our Brochure now, or go to the 'Download' page of our site.

Does Comfort Socks pick up the socks from us when our sock drive is done?
No, you should plan on paying the cost of shipping as part of your donation to us. We suggest you request .50 cents or more from sock donors to cover the shipping costs.

How do we get the socks we collected to Comfort Socks?
Box them up and send them to;

Comfort Socks
C/O Omni Storage
4747 Old Shallotte Rd NW
Shallotte, NC 28470

Who receives the socks that are donated?
Homeless Shelters and non-profits whose primary focus is helping the homeless, and the homeless programs of veteran organizations. Check out our Who We Help

Can I give the socks to a shelter in my own community?
Yes, but Comfort Socks must first approve the shelter. Simply tell us which shelter, and we will contact them. Once approved, we will send you a form for the shelter to sign (and then return to us) when you deliver the socks to them.

Does a shelter or non-profit agency just request the socks and you send them?
No, Comfort Socks takes it's work very seriously. That is why all sock recipients must sign an agreement designed to ensure that the socks donated will be used for the purpose intended and that no fees of any kind will be paid by the end recipient.

If my organization needs socks, can we download this agreement from your website?
No, once Comfort Socks approves your organization, we will send you the required form.

How does my organization get approved to receive socks?
Contact Us, tell us about your organization, include your website, and we will then be in contact in you.

Once my organization is approved by Comfort Socks, can I reuse the form?
No, you will be re-approved every time you need socks.