Comfort Socks Drop Locations

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Change from Change is a simple way that VBS Teachers, Youth Leaders, Ministers, and Business Owners - can support Comfort Socks. We will send you some cute little sock purses, and your youth will put their spare change into them during VBS or youth events. We will also send you some information about us and ask that you explain our mission. Just send the monetary donation to us (keep the sock purses as our gift). That's it - simple and easy.
Comfort Socks Purse
Locally, we provide new socks to our county schools, and to outreach events sponsored by other local nonprofits that serve the homeless and impoverished.

Youth Board of Directors (YBOD)
Comfort Socks desires to teach the youth of our community what it means to make a difference from the business side of things. That is why we are looking for local youth, ages 12 – 18, who would like to sit on the Comfort Socks Youth Board of Directors.

The Comfort Socks Youth Board of Directors (after this called YBOD) would meet once a month and hold an actual board meeting to spearhead events for Comfort Socks. One goal is to get the youth familiar with how to, collectively and productively, select a YBOD President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and become familiar with the duties each of these roles. click here for more info.

Brunswick County Streetreach
Comfort Socks is proud to supply socks locally to program. During Nov - March, local churches open up their fellowship halls and become a homeless shelter. We appreciate the love and provision shown to homeless people and families through the BCSTR members and volunteers.