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Socks are a "renewable need". This means that the need is constant. Homeless people put their socks through more wear and tear in a week than most socks see in a year. Most are forced to sleep with their shoes on to prevent them from being stolen. Most homeless spend most of their days walking as they are constantly being prodded to move along.

Foot wellness is a major concern for overall physical well being. Podiatrist Tells About Foot Wellness - The Importance of Socks

Why does Comfort Socks only accept NEW Socks ? Because new socks are exciting to receive, and helps a person’s self –esteem during a difficult time. Remember, we are all about giving comfort.

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A woman shares a precious experience while caring of the feet of the homeless. This part of her story really moved us "....I..began to invite them to have their feet washed and receive new socks. ... It was very humbling and embarrassing for them to bare their feet to anyone. ... Every person I served apologized for their feet as they removed their shoes and socks. It was hard for them to do. They can keep the visible part of themselves...somewhat groomed; but their feet are usually hidden...I would just chuckle and tell them there are very few pretty feet out there....."

Did you know that having cold feet can lower the white blood cells of your immune system? In 2005, there was a study that proved people are almost 30% more likely to come down with a flu when their feet are cold for just 20 minutes during flu season. Read the whole - story here