Comfort Socks Drop Locations

We do not share your personal information and take reasonable steps to preserve your privacy at all times.

Logo and Name Use
Comfort Socks is a Registered Trademark ® with the United States Patent and Trademark office. Use of the Comfort Socks name and/or logo is strictly prohibited without explicit written permission from Comfort Socks. Once your sock drive and/or event is registered with Comfort Socks you may use our name and logo on your printed materials in association with that event. Comfort Socks must approve flyers and press releases before their release.

The Comfort Socks name or logo may not be used on clothing or on items to be sold. The Comfort Socks name or logo may not be used on personal or social networking web sites without our explicit written consent. Please use a website or social media link to show your support.

Comfort Socks does not permit anyone to copy and use images from our website or social media presence without our explicit written consent.

We welcome volunteers - and enjoy a long standing relationship with many people who step forward to help. We appreciate so much the caring hearts of all our volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for one of our events, or would like to start your own, please contact us.

NOTICE to Volunteers: Any sock drive conducted with or without the knowledge and/or consent of the Comfort Socks offices, You are Hereby Notified that you are bound by the terms of our Volunteer Expectations document.

Socks Recipients
Comfort Socks takes it's work very seriously. That is why all sock recipients must sign an agreement designed to ensure that the socks donated will be used for the purpose intended. The agreement states, among other things, the receiving organization will neither offer for sale, sell, transfer, nor barter the products supplied by Comfort Socks in exchange for money, other negotiable instruments, or other tangible or intangible goods or services and that no fees of any kind will be paid by the end recipient.

The Receiving Organization has been awarded the tax-exempt status of 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service, or such status is pending and the organization has submitted form 1023.

The filling of a prior sock request does not mean that future socks requests will automatically be honored. Comfort Socks has the exclusive right to refuse a sock request of any agency that we deem does not qualify to receive socks from us.