Comfort Socks Drop Locations

Comfort Socks was incorporated in October 2008. Since we started, we have received socks from virtually every state in America. We are proud to say the same is true about the socks we send out. Homeless Shelters we have served exist from Massachusetts to Key West, and from the East to West coasts of our nation. We have received socks from other countries as well.

We are proud to introduce, and are extremely grateful for their sharing of their time and talents, the Comfort Socks Advisory Board.

Pictured left to right is Ms. Natalie Tese, Ms. Susan Peterson, Mrs. Lesley Bennett and above is Theresa Tese, Comfort Socks Founder.

How the Vision Came To Be - A Word from Our Founder
About a year and a half after I began to read His word, I began to grow and understand that reception to the Lord’s way and will is so crucial to our pathway. Our desire to understand Him, and to become intimate with Him unfolds us into a special and wonderful life here on earth.

My old life began to shift into His life for me. Living for Him brought a strong and sincere yearning to help others, and to do more with my life. And so, trusting in this change in me, I began to pray for clear vision of what He wanted of me, a simple girl from New York. In retro-spec, I realize that 18 months of earnest prayer was allowed to show myself how much I really wanted the answer.

It was a cold October evening that the answer to my prayer came. That night, I thought about the snow outside, and how warm and comfortable my feet were with the new socks and slippers that enveloped them. I thought about how I hated if I stepped in something wet with just my socks on, and how if my feet were cold, that cold ran through my entire body. My heart was extremely grateful for that one seemingly small thing – warm, dry, comfortable feet.

It was then that Lord moved me in a mighty way. All of a sudden I had an understanding. “This is what we do together, show the lost My compassion through the comfort of new socks.” I sat for a long while, in awe, enthused and reflective about what He had revealed.

I saw a large warehouse that housed and distributed new socks to non-profit agencies who serve the homeless. I began to understand and trust that He would manifest the changes in me needed to accomplish this task. I live each day with 100% expectancy of His fulfillment. What I did not expect was the depth of the mission, how many homeless people have been (and will continue to be) comforted, how sock drives have inspired so many, and meeting so many people who really care about their fellow man. It is so much more than socks.

It is action that changes things. If your heart feels akin to the same dream, then I welcome you to share in this vision. It is the gifts of the spirit that allow us to experience His love in such a myriad of ways. Please pray for those who are lost and without a home.

May God Bless You and Keep You In His Care

Theresa M Tese

Founder - Comfort Socks